Lynx Motion Technology

About Lynx

Lynx Motion TechnologyCorporation was formed to market the SEMA technology and the engineering services of Kinetic Art & Technology Corporation. Since that time, Lynx has helped create strategic business partnerships and relationships with several commercial partners, including Bodine Electric Company. Lynx works seamlessly with KAT, providing services such as customer liaison, application engineering, and technology licensing.

In 1990, KAT engineers were working to build an efficient motor for a robotics application. During that effort, the design team developed an extraordinarily efficient and power dense motor. One of the keys to this design was the development of SEMA coil technology. SEMA stands for Segmented Electro Magnetic Array. This coil winding technique, awarded a patent in 1998, makes it possible to achieve superior efficiencies over competing motor technologies.

Since developing the SEMA technology, KAT has built a team of first-class engineers and researchers developing innovative motion solutions using SEMA and other exciting electromechanical technologies, including innovative and conventional controls solutions. Lynx Motion Technology Corporation exists to market these technologies.