SEMA technology was initially developed to serve primarily in direct-drive servo applications that require high peak torque or high precision. The low inductance and ironless construction of typical SEMA motors allows extremely high peak-to-continuous torque ratios with no inherent motor cogging. SEMA motor technology is an ideal fit for many position and speed servo applications where precision and high transient response capabilities are a must.


Bodine e-TORQ™ motors

For higher speed applications, a number of designs have been developed for very high efficiency distributed power applications and vehicle traction systems. In many cases, efficiencies in excess of 98% are achievable. This high efficiency is achieved through the elimination of iron losses inherent in most electric motor designs. At this time, a number of electric motors and generators are in production by Lynx licensees, and additional designs are under development for applications as varied as precision lens grinding, distributed power generation, and battery operated power tools.

iPower iGen system

iPower iGen system

Lynx has existing license agreements with a number of manufacturers building electric motors with diameters bewteen 100 and 900 mm and powers from 100 to 170,000 W, with larger and smaller machines currently planned. Take a look at some of our potential applications and success stories, and contact a Lynx engineer to see if there is a SEMA solution for your application.