Horse Racing

Horse Racing The Passion Of Riches?

Horse racing from its origin has been associated with the upper class society. In earlier days it came to India as a gift from the stay of the British people. They used it as a source of entertainment and a way to stay fit. From them it passed on to the rulers and sultans of India ruling different territories of India. After independence of the Indian Territory for many years the game was popular in the upper middle class and business class people only.

The gatherings were generally comprised of high class business tycoons, eminent personalities or other well known figures with handful of other corporate and people with high salaries. Then slowly the word start to spread among the common masses and the soon gathering at the racecourses started seeing a blend of both high class and middle class men and women enjoying the Horse Race. The Changing Trend There were several factors that contributed towards the increased participation of middle class persons as spectators in the crowd.

Firstly the word about these races started to spread like a rage. Secondly the racecourses were made open to all kind of public whether member or not. Thirdly the entry fees for the non member person to see a race was reduced to very nominal rates. Apart from these main reasons the add-ons provided by the Turf Authorities of India like discounted rates for placing bets at Tote counters located at Racecourses, providing the audience with better infrastructure in grand stands, opening up of restaurants and bars at Racecourses really helped to pull the masses back to the glory of this sports. Commercialization The commercialization of the Horseracing events has further increased the popularity of this sport to a great extent. There are many sponsors who are ready to fund the events like national racing championships single handed.

Due to this the impact of such Racing events is even bigger on people that help to strengthen the bond of passion built between people and these races happening across the country. This is the reason why we see people once attached to this sport keep on returning to it time and again. Attraction Built Due To Betting Horserace in India is the only sport that enjoys the support of government when it comes to betting on it. Betting on Horse races is legalized in the Indian law under the 1888 Police Act and Gaming Act that was devised in 1930. This has made the Horse racing only sports that supports the legalized betting procedure in the country.

Except for online bookmarking which is not allowed under the law a person can bet on live races through Tote booths and offline bookmarkers according to certain set of standards. Thus the participation of common masses is very likely to increase in coming years and this sport is no longer going to be recognized as passion of the riches only. This would be in common interest of the Turf Authorities of India and the jockeys who prepare so hard to showcase their performance on the big day. For more details, visit-