Hp C7978a

Hp C7978a A Strong Universal Cleaning Cartridge

Hewlett Packard a reliable and most prominent manufacturer of LTO Ultrium cartridges as well Ultrium tape drives. Modern days drives and cartridges have been improved with high quality technologies and the requirement for drive head cleaning has been decreased particularly. But still many other factors like hygienic sanitation of backup and storage operating settings and heavy duty sequences can force drive performance. The frequent use of these LTO Ultrium magnetic cartridges impacts directly to the drives head, and unseen able strains and debris remain on the surface of the head which cause problems with the smooth running of the cartridges base film through the tape drive. Gradually it will damage the overall unit performance of tape drive as well cartridge and continuing maintenance unawareness will harm drive partitions or might be permanent damage or could ruin your valuable information. So why take hazard with your very important and sensitive data and keep your Ultrium tape drives at a most favorable performance with high quality HP cleaning cartridges.

HP Universal Cleaning tapes are particularly designed and perfectly calculated to make it certain the best level of care for each specific generation of Ultrium tape drive head. The HP C7978A able to work in combination through high quality cleaning algorithms in the Ultrium tape drives firmware to make sure that overall performance and consistency are not concessions. When cleaning is required use best and reliable HP cleaning cartridge which can keep the Ultrium tape drive performance more strong and efficient and enhanced durability of drive and cartridge as well.

HP C7978A an Ultrium Universal Cleaning tape can be utilized up to 50 times through HP StrorageWorks Ultrium drives 960 and 460 and through HP StorageWorks Ultrium drives 230 and 215 it can be used for only 15 times. So by means of that the cartridge cleaning capacity will depend on drives specifications. These drives have their own automatic diagnostic system which monitoring the Head condition, when they required cleaning the LED will flash and ask for cleaning, the cleaning process just very easy inserts the cleaning tape into the drive and further drive will load it automatically and perform the head cleaning, it will take 2~5 minute to clean the head, when the job done drive immediately eject the cartridge. If the cartridge used more than its capacity the drive will not allow this and straight away eject cartridge and confirm it an expired cartridge and not permit to clean the drives head.

Every HP LTO Cleaning tape is embedded with a unique and most reliable memory chip which keeps the manufacturer index and very important information about cartridge usage history, communicate with Ultrium tape drive during the cleaning process. The memory chip also keeps a very important compatibility index and it will start the cleaning process only with matching Ultrium drive.The HP cleaning cartridge is available in orange and green color which enable to acknowledge HP UCC among other generations LTO cartridges.

The user must keep the data for your drive as well its compatible cleaning cartridges. HP Universal Cleaning Cartridges are compatible with all existed LTO Ultrium generation from LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 and LTO5. Before using the cleaning cartridge users must read the manufacturer Cleaning Cartridge Compatibility chart which guide users which UCC can be utilized through their respective Ultrium tape drive.

The HP C7978A is a Universal Cleaning Cartridge which has the ability to clean Ultrium drives head and enable LTO Ultrium drive and cartridge, reliable and consistent backup and storage operations.