Commercial Refrigeration: Know the different types

There are many people who could be searching for the best quality and branded commercial grade refrigeration units in the market. A Commercial Display Refrigerator along with an oversized freezer will be essential to store liquor and foods in large amounts and at appropriate storage temperature. In case, you are eager to convert your unused garage to a homebar, then there will be required professional grade wine and beverage coolers. Even a catering company having expansion plans will require to install high end refrigeration for storing various types of ingredients and meats. Searching the web is indeed a fabulous way to come across range of commercial refrigeration systems and to buy the one which will fit in perfectly the specific needs.


Fortunately, the leading Freezer Manufacturer has managed to come up with different shapes and sizes of fridges and units to cater to the growing demands of the commercial units. Refrigeration units do involve some ventilation for its compressor. The location of the ventilation is likely to be on the unit side or bottom, depending upon the unit. In some units, it is also found on the top. Irrespective of the place to install, you can find something which will perfectly suit your ventilation and space needs.

What is offered by leading brands like Ceviant

• Merchandise & keep cool:

To store cans or bottles in huge amounts in the non-commercial setting, the refrigerated merchandiser can prove to be an amazing choice. The commercial type of merchandisers can be found in different sizes and shapes, with individual capacities and features. Most have ventilation created in front, thus making it ideal to display beverages. Customers can get to have a clear view with glass doors and stock management also becomes easy for the staffs. Such commercial units are known to excel well in retail settings especially with perishable goods or those with short expiration dates. The doors having large windows do grab customer attention and compel them to buy the product.

• Keeping stocked the back bar:

The commercial units are used in different scenarios. The majority come with large capacity to store variety of supplies, mixers and drinks, something necessary for a standard bar. In any commercial setting, it is found ideal. Back bar refrigerators can be noticed to have glass doors and front ventilated, thereby being ideal to be kept behind the bar. Glass door based units with beers and wines can be viewed easily by the customers. Even bar backs and bar tenders can easily navigate their stocks. Even there is demand for wine bottle coolers. They are mostly top loading beer coolers which allow storing and accessing bottles in huge numbers. Also are present numerous plate glass and plate chillers that ensures that the glassware and dinner remains at ideal serving temperature.

• Prep Table + Refrigeration provide the ultimate station:

This is deemed essential by any typical kitchen to prepare and serve variety of dishes. The commercial prep table also refrigerated is quite efficient. Also are available smaller versions meant for salads, sandwiches, etc. Tables having larger surface space are also present to prepare to prepare bigger meals requiring more ingredients and space like pizza. Besides table space, the commercial units are also to feature bigger refrigeration areas, like wire shelves. But it might not come with front ventilation. A good number might be equipped with casters to allow space management and easy manoeuvrability. The prep tables are designed to function as efficient commercial refrigeration unit with large temperature range.

• Reach-In: Classic unit:

A busy, high-functioning, commercial kitchen not having large, reach-in fridge is unheard of. It can be used at the bar, but hiding from customer’s sight. Such units can help store plenty of drink and food items in shelved and segmented interior. It works like any typical residential fridge, however, comes with large capacity and more power. It is also available in variety of options. There are units with casters to be moved around the kitchen easily. Others come with glass doors rather than the typical steel. Few even have double or Dutch doors, offering more storage space. There does exist dual zoned fridges allowing storage of half unit at different temperatures than its other half.

• Mini Reach-in:

Such units tend to work similar to the commercial, traditional reach-in fridge, however, a bit smaller in size. But they do offer commercial grade intense refrigeration power. Few even function like freezer and complements easily larger merchandisers or fridges. They can benefit immensely any commercial kitchen. Due to its size, their tops are also used as food prep table. The worktop models can be stated to be combination of classic and refrigerated prep table. Besides freezing or chilling ingredients, you also have easy access to prep table, but something smaller than the pizza or sandwich table.

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