How to determine whether to repair or replace the existing refrigerator?

Perhaps, the existing refrigerator could be serving you for a very long time faithfully, but recently has started to act strangely. The unit may actually break down every now and then or not cooling like before. Then the question that automatically will come to your mind is, whether to repair or buy Refrigerator! There are several things which are likely to affect your decision to replace or repair the existing unit. Most of the factors will depend upon the price involved in repairing the unit. Moreover, with price of new ones falling down with increasing competition and easily availability, combined with more new interesting features to avail, the choice can become all the more difficult.

Importance of installing a unit at home

The refrigerator definitely forms part of the household and the kitchen. These units, under normal circumstances are not known to typically give the owner much trouble. They are also designed to last for several years without requiring much maintenance. However, being only electronic items, the top models are also prone to break down after some time. It will be necessary to check out the crucial factors to determine whether to repair the existing unit or to buy Midea Refrigerator.

Factors to consider

ϒ⁄  Age:

A good refrigerator is likely to have an average functioning age of about 11 – 15 years. This number however, is based upon the maintenance undertaken, usage and brand. Some consumers however, prefer to upgrade the appliance much early with changes being introduced in technology and style. The latest ones are well designed and also give out that modern look that tempts home keepers to replace the present unit. Moreover, the longer the refrigerator is owned, the more expensive is likely to be for the repairs to be undertaken if some issue takes place. You need to weigh the repair charges against the price of a new unit. In case, the refrigerator is over 15 years, then it is high time to replace with a new one. Check out Refrigerator online store to know the latest designs and trends in the market.

ϒ⁄  Energy efficient:

Although your refrigerator might be operating correctly, still it will prove to be an expensive appliance with regards to energy consumption. According to industry experts, millions of refrigerators across the globe are 10+ years old. They cost their owners billions of dollars annually in energy costs. In case, your unit has become old, then it is high time, you try to identify the ones in the market that are much more energy efficient and come with useful and exciting features. Reputed portals and stores do offer amazing deals and rebates that can help save you good amount of money.

ϒ⁄  Type:

The unit type also tends to play a significant role to determine if it is to be repaired or replaced. Those units having in-built ice makers ware sure to require frequent repairs, when compared to the bottom or top freezer models that comes without ice maker. In-built types are less expensive when it comes to repairing them and is necessary only if there is noticed any critical damage. The technician is to be called to repair the issue. Sides-by-sides are to be repaired in 5 years time of purchasing the unit, after which replacement is to be considered. The bottom freezer types are to be repaired 7 years after its installation, after which, it is better to replace it.

The larger picture

Apart from going through the above mentioned determining factors, you should also use your own judgment to find out it is the right time and the correct move to repair the unit that you possess or to buy a new one. If the present unit is old or has several bad parts or is requiring frequent visits of the technician or consuming too much energy than what it should do, then it is high time to eliminate it. Also, do ensure that your old unit is recycled properly and it should not harm the environment in any manner. Some online and retail outlets also offer exchange programs, where they give some rebates on the new models that you choose against your existing one. This will only further help you to reduce the buying price, thereby saving you precious money. Get more information at

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