Stainless steel 3bbl brewing system for every brewer

The 3bbl brewing system is the most demanded. It can handle 3-vessel, 4-vessel and 5 vessel brewhouse. Handling a brewhouse involves proper planning and buying the right equipment. Having automated machines where ever possibly makes it easier to produce a large number of barrels, rather than manpower. Small scale brewers and medium scale brewers largely produce most of the beer in popular countries. They are easy to handle and also adapt to increasing the capacity of the brewhouse sometime in the future. Increasing capacity is a far-fetched idea. But most brewers make sure that it is possible with their existing equipment. When high-quality beer is being produced, it is highly likely that the demand for more or interest in creating other kinds of flavors might come along the way. For a brewer who plans to stick to the brewhouse and making it work in any case, the world-class 3bbl brewing system is an ideal choice. Every aspect of the sanitation to working environment is considered while its construction. Sanitation is highest priority, as it is one crucial matter which brings the original taste of the brew.

The adaptability is one of the main reasons to purchase it. While other specific details include as follows.

Easy cleaning:

The stainless-steel brewing system is made of food-grade stainless steel. One of the highest priorities for any brewer is the cleanliness. It doesn’t only satisfy the customer with taste, but also increases the shelf life of the brew. It is easy for workers to work along with the 3bbl stainless-steel brewing system which doesn’t need much manpower comparatively. Sanitation has to be done by someone, but having an easy-going machine makes it all better. The engines and motors can be left alone, maybe need some dust cleaning at times. However, cleaning the insides of the barrels is possible quickly with stainless steel carriers.

World-class components:

The electric components like motor are made of world-class components that last for years to come without any issues. For wort pump ABB motor and raker and blender ABB/siemens are used accordingly. The insulation is polyurethane with thickness 100mm. It is a sufficient and safe environment for the brewing system. The working inside is highly efficient. With a working pressure of 1.5 to 2.0 bar, the welds are ground to Ra 0.4µm without dead corner. For heating systems, electric steam is available. However, some prefer direct fire. It depends on the brewer on which one to use. Some kinds of brews are best made through direct fire.

Safe environment:

The system has top-mounted manhole and door, which are all stainless steel. Dished top and conical top are specifically designed for brewing system, to remove out the remaining yeast with less difficulty. Welding used is argon gas protected. Hence the brew made is specifically designed for food to pass through safely. The whole system is human-friendly and can be controlled with ease. Once the installation is done by the support services, it is easy to use later on. Minimum manpower is required while making of the brew. For more information, visit

While all the above details are enough to prefer a stainless steel 3bbl brewing system, it can be customized per the requirement to the brewhouse. Changing every aspect might not be easy, however, certain specifics like the pot can be altered according to preference. Taking consultation regarding what kind of system would be most suitable might lead to a better choice. Considering the manpower needed for any machine has become important in recent years. The more the automation, the better.

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