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A muzzle brake is also known as a recoil compensator. It is a device that is connected to the barrel or the muzzle of a canon. A muzzle brake aims to redirect the propellant gases to the numerate coil as well as for undesirable muzzle size. Those barrels, which are integrated with integral brakes are commonly known as ported. The thought of a muzzle brake was first made known for the artillery. The muzzle brake became a communal feature in the anti-tank guns. Along with this, muzzle brake was also braced on top of the tanks. This was so because muzzle brake reduced the area which was needed to raise the strokes of kickback and recoil. The muzzle brake has been used in different ways for pistols as well as for rifles. Muzzle brake helps in controlling the recoils. Along with this, it also helps in controlling the barrels, which occur after the firing. As said, the muzzle brake is also used to mount on the pistols as well. Here, they are used for practical pistol competitions. Generally, they are called compensators. You can explore the best compensators as well as can buy muzzle brakes from the link mentioned above.



Muzzle rise, muzzle climb, muzzle flip are some terms that are used interchangeably. These terms are referred to as the rising tendency of a firearm’s front end which is handheld. Those firearms which have a low height of the barrel central line of the grip line are said to have a low muzzle rise. Here is the reason why muzzle brake rises? This is so because, for many firearms, the barrel’s centerline is located above the center of the contact. The contact is between the shooter, firearms’ grip and stock.

The propellant gases as well as reactive forces which exit from the muzzle heads directly towards the centerline of the barrels. Torque or moment is produced when the lines of forces are above the center of the contact points. The produced rotational force makes the muzzle rise and the firearms to rotate.

An outlier rifle viz M1946 Seig automatic rifle had an exceptional brake mounted over it. This muzzle brake caused the rifle to climb downwards. Nevertheless, it empowered the users with one hand.

Buy Muzzle Brake
Buy Muzzle Brake


Muzzle brakes are simple to implement. For example, the muzzle brake was mounted on the 90mm M3 gun. This gun is used on the M47 Patton tank. At the end of the barrel, a tube of small length is mounted perpendicularly. The muzzle brake also uses slots, holes, vents, baffles and other relevant devices. The purpose of the muzzle brake is to redirect as well as control the blowout of the combustion gases.

Though, designs of all muzzle brakes share communal basic principle. The muzzle end which is present at the bore, the combustion gases get partially diverted. The gases get diverted at an angle of 90 degrees to the long axis of the barrel. The diverted gases produce momentum which doesn’t get added to the recoil. The behavior of the brakes depends on the angle at which the gases get diverted. A muzzle rise will occur if the gases are directed upwards. When the gases are directed upwards, then they will expend downward force and thus muzzle rise occurs. Moreover, any other equipment which is attached to the muzzle brake will increase the inertia and will move its center of mass in forward direction. Along with this, the mass of the equipment will also get added and the recoil will be reduced by the former. Later on, muzzle rise will also be reduced.

The construction of the compensator or muzzle brake is very simple. On the AKM rifle, the muzzle brake makes a slight angle towards the right to halt the movement of sideways under the coil of the rifle. The second method is porting. In porting, slots and holes are made into the barrel. The barrel is made near the muzzle such that the gases can escape. Baffles, as well as expansion chambers, are used in advanced designs to slow down the escaping gases. A linear compensator is based on the same principle. Moreover, to the expansion chambers, ports are added which produces long as well as multi-chained recoil compensators. These ports are generally seen on IPSC race guns.

best Muzzle Brakes
best Muzzle Brakes


Here are some of the best muzzle brakes, which are listed below→

  • 2 piece muzzle brake lock/jam nut for repeated use armorer’s wrench
  • 5 piece .22/.223/5.56 muzzle brake lock jam nut for repeated use armorer’s wrench
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 pitch for .22/.223/5.56 shark style muzzle brake
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 pitch for .22/.223/5.56 stainless steel shark muzzle brake
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 pitch for .22/.223/5.56 competition compact muzzle brake
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 pitch for .22/.223/5.56 stainless steel birdcage muzzle brake
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 pitch for .22/.223/5.56 compact low concussion muzzle brake compensator
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 TBI for.22 aluminum tanker style muzzle brake triangular baffles
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 TBI for .22/.223/5.56 Ruger 1022 tanker style muzzle brake triangular baffles thread
  • DB TAC 1/2 x28 TBI for .22/.223/5.56 stainless steel 4 prong twist muzzle brake with free crush washer

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