CCD visual inspection machines

About CCD Image Sensors & why install Automated Optical Inspection

You may wonder why CCD visual inspection machines and image sensors are preferred over CMOs, when security cameras, camcorders and digital cameras are concerned. Image sensor is considered to be a special component to covert light to electronic impulses. It is likely to be similar to that of the film component used in traditional cameras. Film that is used within the camera forms major factors with regards to photograph clarity. Imaging equipments like digital cameras and security cameras these days rely more upon CMOS or CCD image sensors. Both the chips are found to be of dime size. Charged coupled device (CCD) is used widely in surveillance cameras and digital cameras). Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) tends to rely upon diverse manufacturing procedures. They are also less expensive. For more details, you can log onto!

CCD visual inspection machines
CCD visual inspection machines


The functions of image sensors are quite similar to that of a PV (photovoltaic) cell. It is also used in other hardware besides cameras. As silicon matrix is hit by light where every small point is represented by a single pixel, it gets converted into electrons. The transistor close to each pixel in CMOS chips, deciphers the data. Issue faced here is at times, light may hit transistor, rather than photodiode. CCD sensors carry data to single point across chip, thereby showing little signal distortion.

Digital value is then assigned to each pixel by another component. Why CCD sensor is preferred for security cameras that could be focusing upon moving targets located 100 ft. away can be understood by discussing with a reputed CCD visual inspection System supplier. CCD sensors needs hundred times more power although few trade-offs are present. Wireless security cameras’ battery life is likely to be affected. For camera phones having small batteries, CMOS is a wonderful choice. Hence, most phone cams are of low resolution and are also inexpensive.

Similar to film types, different image sensors when used is likely to impact photograph quality, including video images and picture characteristics. It also will affect significantly clarity and color. Since data gets converted at same point, high quality image combined with less noise and better resolution is derived by CCD image sensors. They also come with great sensitivity towards light, hence, found suitable for low light conditions. Wide range of image sensors is available in the market for night & day imaging equipment. During day, cameras record color while at night, it switches to black & white mode. Infrared cameras record in black & white.

CCD visual inspection machines
CCD visual inspection machines

Reasons to install Automated Optical Inspection

During production, it is not possible to deny electronic board inspection’s significance. It is rather the initial step to in inspection procedure prior to offering products to consumers. There are present automated optical inspection equipments fortunately. The machines inspect board panels and notifies identified to the operator.

Some reasons to use AOIs in business

• Inspection accuracy: Besides fast speed another important feature these machines offer is precision. The unit is operated by an experienced and knowledgeable operator who is able to detect even the smallest defects found in products. Identifying and fixing them is crucial to enhance accuracy.

• Inspection speed: The machines are very fast and can complete a task within few minutes. The operator may take some time for validating the errors. Hence, one prominent benefit derived is inspection speed, which is paramount if the desire is to beat the competitors.

• Quick catches: The machines allow identifying errors quickly. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with the optical inspection unit offers immense support. As errors are detected by the unit, the SMT line is informed by the operator to fix them at the earliest. This way, it is possible to enjoy first pass yield. Also, there is no need for rework.

• Less strain: Implementing the AOI machine in the business can help avoid stress. It also removes the burden from the whole process. While inspecting, quick catches do allow smooth and efficient product movement. Since not much errors are there, inspectors can catch and report errors. They are also less stressed and can enhance their own efficiency and productivity.

• Inspection consistency: With visual inspections being in progress, remaining consistent can be tough. Quick process is often used by the experienced inspector for all boards. However, there might occur human error within the process. With the AOI unit the captured images and be found in same place. All line parts are inspected carefully by the camera, thereby offering much better consistency when compared to manual checking. Also, machines do not get tired.

The fact is that numerous benefits can be derived by using visual inspection machines. Above are given few of the main benefits. Although, it also has its own shortcomings, the benefits tend to be much more. So having this machine in the facility can help reduces errors, as well as make the whole process to seem less stressful.