CCD Visual Inspection Equipment European Regulation Machine

About CCD Visual Inspection Equipment European Regulation Machine

A good number of manufacturing unit belonging to diverse industries do require to install various types of advanced and sophisticated machines in their business. This is to increase work and employee productivity, improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction. Among different types of equipments available in the market, the one that is in huge demand the world over is CCD Visual Inspection Equipment European Regulation Machine. It is considered to be among the very best and also a reliable method. Installation and using this machine does offer higher degree of precision, something that is crucial for the survival and success of the business, given today’s intense and increasing competition. There are available different kinds of vision inspection equipments. Checking out the website can help you to get a better idea about Automated Optical Inspection Machine Manufacturers and what they have on offer.

CCD Visual Inspection Equipment European Regulation Machine
CCD Visual Inspection Equipment European Regulation Machine

More about AOI (Automated optical inspection) equipment

FPD cell module and panel tests conventionally are stated to be conducted periodically by an inspector who carries out visual inspection. But FPDs productive volume increase combined with diversification only has enhanced the need for automation and quantification of lighting test.

By making use of CCD camera, the AOI equipment has been commercialized. The systems are designed to identify different kinds of defects found in the panel display like line defects, dot defects, uneven brightness or mura, etc. Based upon quantified data there is conducted go/no go test. The system upon combining with cell prober will have the ability to automate the whole cell test procedure. This in turn improves significantly efficiency of panel production.

Some crucial characteristics to know

• This system has been designed to offer higher degree of precision. Its mechanism is regarded to be one vital feature. Materials are fed within the machine using vibration technique.

• It is undoubtedly a superior quality equipment that is often used for checking product appearance. It also evaluates product dimension and offer greater efficiency and accuracy. It also tends to include product length, diameter, thickness and other details.

• It also does a lot of work apart from identifying product dimensions. Even deformities, if any present anywhere in the product can be identified easily, effortlessly and quickly. For instance, the product may have any kind of spot or mark present on its surface. If so, then this system can efficiently and smoothly identify this issue, thereby ensuring flow of only good quality products in the hands of the end consumer.

• The visual inspection system is also used to identify missing material parts, if any. It also is used to check out if any part related to the product is burnt. In case, the materials have scratches, even small ones, then it also gets identified by this system.

• This machine does offer very high level of accuracy, which is around 1mu. Moreover, it also enjoys very high detection efficiency.

• It is among the top machines that can be used for testing materials such as screws and rubber rings. It may even be used to test other materials, including stainless steel, plastic and aluminum.

• Such machines can be stated to come with user friendly interface and be managed with great ease by trained operators.

Why there is a genuine need to choose the best manufacturer to buy this system?

One crucial aspect that cannot be ignored or missed out is quality of service offered by the system installed in the business. It is quite natural for you to expect this machine to provide precise and accurate results at all time. It is something possible, if the manufacturer uses quality and correct standard parts in the system. The machine is also calibrated.

Features present AOI equipments

• Allows short TACT time while carrying out the test procedure, thereby saving precious manpower.

• This system can be used along with existing prober to carry out visual inspection.

• It allows conducting of both visual inspection and automated inspection.

• New product type can be replaced easily.

• It helps to identify the exact location of defect present, so that repair can be taken immediately and correctly.

• Removes subjective judgment error, thereby ensuring deriving uniform test quality.

• Offers valuable feedback on previous conducted procedures based upon quantified data on mura and defect.

Benefits derived from its installation

• Significant reduction in test costs

• Introduction cost cut

• For new products, debugging time is drastically reduced

• Improvement in productivity and availability

• Improvements in yields

• Cost reduction and Yield improvement

• Defective products prevented from being continued to the next process, while non-defective products are saved from getting destroyed, thereby saving on costs.

The above mentioned features and benefits that come with it can only be enjoyed if the equipment is sourced