Brewery Equipment Factory China

Beer Brewing in a Unique Marketable Way

Brewing beer has been one of the favorite hobbies for individuals and families while one of the most profitable business for manufacturers across the world since the time when ancient civilizations started to sprout on earth. It has since remained as one of the finest drinks for young and old. In fact, a lot of places on earth are specially known for their particular type of beer than for anything else. However, it was the West that stood out as leader both in manufacturing and distribution of high quality beer for the global market. This was to change and in recent times some of the top breweries that have emerged as formidable competition has been from Asia as you may find here at

Brewery Equipment Factory China
Brewery Equipment Factory China

Although the brewing process has changed considerably yet the basic way of preparing beer remains the same. In other words, beer is produced by steeping with cereal grains of which barley is the most common and then adding water and fermenting the same with sweet liquid that contains yeast. Most large scale brewing is undertaken at a brewery while many people produce the same in smaller scale at their home for local sales.

Commercial Brewing System and Equipments

It is now common to find commercial brewing done at the manufacturers with their own brand of beer as well as producing bulk beer according to specifications given to them by other distributor chains. Here, the brand name is localized to serve local markets that turn hardcore supporters of such beers. At the basic levels beer consists of water and then a fermentable starch that is gotten from malted barley or any other ingenious source.
The above mixture then goes through a number of processes in varied equipments meant for malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering and then lastly packaging. Each individual processes that in general is known as Brewing Systems has to be carried out with great coordination and quality control so as to rollout the best beer for the market.
Large breweries try out different formulas by adding other additional starch source or use of hops as flavors. This makes their beer stand out as special in the otherwise competitive market.

Fermentation of the Beer

Fermentation of the beer is one of the most important steps for getting the best beer. Fermentation methods adopted by breweries are one of more of three types. These are warm, cool and spontaneous types and these are carried out in open or closed fermenting machine. But before the fermentation stage there are stages like malting, milling, mashing, and lautering, boiling and fermenting. The initial stage is the process when barley is prepared for brewing and is known as malting. The malt then goes through high temperature for drying inside a kiln for several hours. After the kilning is over the grains are then milled and crushed so that it is easier to extract the sugars during the mashing process.

It is during the mashing process that sugars are fermented in a fermentation tank. This process involves the milled grain to be mixed in hot water and then this result in liquid that is rich in sugars and is called wort. This is then strained through the bottom of the mash and is known as lautering. In large breweries the process looks complicated as it involves several standard machineries. For instance, at Brewery Equipment Factory China you may find numerous such equipments or state of art vessels suitable for modernized brewery. It is also after mashing that hops are added for that fine flavor that the beer has.

Brewery Equipment Factory China
Brewery Equipment Factory China

A large number of pipes supply the liquid to the fermentation stage. In fact, you may find huge vessels for this process as the wort needs to be cooled and then aerated. Here, the air has to be made sterile and then yeast is added into the liquid. It is here in the fermenting vessel that the mixture begins to ferment and later converts into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It is here too that the mixture is attains the status of beer.

Microbrewery Beer Products

You often find that despite the presence of large breweries around the world with leading brands of beer there are also a large presence of small microbrewery too that cater to the tastes of consumers. In other words, Commercial Microbrewery often produces small quantities of beer and are characterized by their special quality, flavor and brewing processes. These beers also have their own distinct local flavors and support base of consumers.
Although the beer of microbreweries are generally priced higher in relation to other popular brands yet customers do not feel it so as they have a preference over the local stuff than those that are seen in all stores. Usually, these beers are also served right at the doorsteps of the brewery with quality customer services too.