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Types of basketball shoes for different levels of players

Due to the high demand, it is not surprising that shoes, especially basketball shoes, are somewhat expensive. So this part of the article will help you make the right choice when buying a pair of basketball shoes. They shed light on the most important properties of the shoes and their expected usefulness. We also underline the general opinion of the buyer about the shoe. This is very important as the manufacturer’s intentions sometimes do not match the experience of the consumer. In particular, this article analyzes all of the important considerations for buying a pair of basketball shoes. We take the time to explain the value each has for the decision-making process.

peak shoes
peak shoes

Peak DH2 Review

  • Peak DH2 is an excellent basketball shoe for a significant number of buyers.
  • One user says that these peak shoes are as good if not better than most models from the best brands. Players have similar feelings about Anta’s fourth Klay Thompson sneaker.
  • The shoes are very comfortable, commented several users.
  • Some users like the look of the shoes. They claim to get compliments when dancing with Dwight Howard’s basketball shoes.
  • Almost all players report that Peak DH2 has fantastic traction on clean slopes.
  • The rubber is thick and hard, most testers observe. These peak basketball shoes are said to be a good choice for outdoor activities.
  • Almost all buyers are satisfied with the versatile cushioning of the shoe.
  • The ankle collar is very padded and adapts perfectly to the heel and ankle, say many users.
  • These Peak shoesare very safe, according to numerous testers. The forefoot and heel are firmly engaged.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The narrow drive model from Peak DH2 retains a good amount of dust and requires a lot of cleaning, almost all testers report.
  • Some reviewers claim that the padding is tight.
  • Like Kyrie’s fifth sneaker, most players notice that these peak basketball shoes get very hot inside.
  • Many testers are disappointed with the forefoot width. The amount of dead space is annoyingly remarkable.
  • The materials seem stiff from the first moment and take some time to get in, some users say.


Peak shoe model DH2 is a versatile basketball shoe that has something to offer guards, tall men, and everyone else. Tight traction, shock-absorbing cushioning and great locking make playing fun and keep you fresh on the way home after a hard-fought game. The hard rubber sole is also durable enough to withstand the extreme conditions of outdoor living.

Peak DH3 Review

6 reasons to buy

  • A tester claims that these peak basketball shoes have excellent traction in clean fields.
  • According to a reviewer, the rubber on the sole is quite hard, so outdoor use should be fine.
  • The P-Motive damping system is really good, says a tester.
  • A reviewer loves the knitted upper material Peak DH3. He claims that the top is soft and elastic and does not require rest.
  • These Peak shoesare very well made and fun enough to play with, says an owner.
  • These high basketball shoes offer excellent locking and support, says one user. Achilles cushions work and there are no side containment problems.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A tester complains that traction collects a lot of dust when playing in dusty fields. Cleaning is absolutely necessary.
  • These peak basketball shoes are a bit wide and have plenty of legroom, a reviewer notes.
  • According to a tester, Peak DH3 is heavy and voluminous.
  • Some commentators are not convinced of the quality of these basketball shoes because Peak is a Chinese brand.


Peak DH3 is a pretty impressive basketball shoe, especially for its price. The P-Motive system is perfect for older players, very fluid, inflatable enough, and offers good impact protection. The materials are also soft and supportive. It can even outperform the more expensive models like AJ 33 and KD 11. To know more about the different styles and types of Peak basketball shoes, visit


Peak Streetball Master Review

7 reasons to buy

  • The Peak Streetball Master honeycomb traction model is best suited for outdoor spaces.
  • The raised midsole on the sides of the shoe prevents the foot from slipping off the insole.
  • These peak shoesare comfortable to enter, many users say.
  • The stabilizer on the side of these low basketball shoes prevents ankle rotation, noted some testers.
  • Many reviewers say that the rubber sole shows no signs of wear even after months of playing.
  • Most owners of Peak Streetball Master say the textile upper is extremely comfortable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of reviewers say the Peak Streetball Master midsole is stiff and doesn’t absorb the impact well.
  • At least a few testers say that the rubber sole attracts so much dust that it has to be cleaned frequently even on indoor fields.


The Peak Streetball Master has shown that high-performance designer shoes don’t have to be expensive. These outdoor Peak shoes break the myth that the translucent sole tires don’t work easily or wear out easily. These peak basketball shoes are definitely an excellent option for the budget-conscious or those who have just started learning basketball. Take a pair and experience it yourself.