Durable and Risk Free LPG Gas Bottles and Burners of Wide Variety

LPG is gaining ground with other chlorofluorocarbons as being the highly effective and low pollution fuel for most households. Switching to this alternative fuel has already happened in the developed world and developing world too is catching up as it is being perceived as economical and environmental friendly. LPG is made by refining of petroleum and is a fossil source that has formed over millions of years below earth’s crust.


With technology improving by leaps and bounds it has been found to be the most suitable of all gases. It has good usable density and can be stored in pressure containers in room temperature in liquid form. LPG is mainly propane. This is far better than methane that has low density and cannot be stored in sufficient amount for household use as it retains its gaseous state.

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LPG Gas Bottling Plant

It is interesting to note that not all LPG bottling plants are safe or secure when it comes to risk free environment for filling gas bottles. There are certain international specifications that require LPG gas plants to be under safeguard of well defined manufacturing practices and proper quality controls and regulations.

LPG Gas Bottles
LPG Gas Bottles

Apart from International Organization for Standards or ISO, top notch LPG manufacturing companies have their own set of quality checks and controls within and while transporting gas to distributors. Most companies also have integrated the ISO standards into their own and this again being stretched to LPG Gas Bottles too.

It is usually seen that a full LPG bottle or cylinder would contain 80 to 85% of gas such that it doesn’t cause severe risk when it expands due to heat outside. Refilling from tank to bottles is done with the help of automatic equipments and installations. Any leakages are at once noted and checked and cleared by skilled technicians.

Although the gas is excellent for cooking as it gives off no odor, causes no pollution and no soot too, it has to be handled carefully as it is highly inflammable. For this reason it is always advisable to get your cylinder or bottles from authentic sources like the above site where you have little worry about any underlining risks that may arise out of otherwise poor manufacturing.

High Tech Gas Cylinder Factory

Usually, there is high demand for refilled gas and for this the whole factory should be able to maintain required safety measures and follow certain rules as laid down by respective governments. At AFRICA LPG Gas Bottles you have such specific rules that are strictly followed as the company has understanding with internationally reputed manufacturers.

As per international standards the minimum wall thickness of these stainless steel containers ought not to be less than 1.5 mm. There are then strict norms and conditions of manufacturing parts of cylinders like valve body, valve stem, valve outlet, valve operating mechanism and eduction tube. You also find state of art technology for making level indicator, fixed liquid level gauge, excess flow valve, sediment tube, pressure relief valve and non-return valve.

Process of Bottle Making

In large manufacturing plants such as above even cylinders are manufactured with supervision in hands of trained technicians such that not one bottle passes the assembly with even minutest mistake. In large GAS CYLINDER FACTORY the process is for bulk manufacturing so as to get economies of scale.

In such cases a variety of tests are performed on gas bottles. These may be hydrostatic test, tensile strength test, burst test, pressure cycling and so on. In most cases where cylinders are used for multiple times there would be checks like hydrostatic or ultrasonic tests.

In case of gas stove or GAS STOVE BUENER too you will find best practices adopted. This is especially so for fitting valve control knobs, good control panel and electronic keypad at the back of the stove. This may be mechanical or electronically operated and in some cases stoves have clock, interior oven light switch, automatic timer and self cleaning switch.

In order to justify your money spent for such bulk purchases it is always better to go for authentic sites that have decades of experience in this field.

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