Remote Access Raspberry Pi

What You Need To Know About Raspberry Pi?

Do you know Raspberry Pi was originally created to use as a cheap computing device? It might surprise many individuals that this technology is currently used by various businesses and corporate organizations all over the world. It provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for the various needs of businesses.

Remote Access Raspberry Pi
Remote Access Raspberry Pi

Popularity Of Raspberry Pi

The popularity of remote access raspberry Pi has reached to about 19 million by March 2018. Through the combination of Raspberry Pi and remote access solutions, small startups and small businesses can easily make the best of their limited monetary constraints. Also, it provides them various opportunities to bring in a good amount of development and growth.

Using Raspberry Pi And Remote Access In Offices

Unlike other major computer boards, the Raspberry Pi contains a series of small boards based computers. These are developed by Cambridge’s Raspberry Pi Foundation. The major feature and the common usage of the Raspberry Pi have been its price that makes it attractive to various startups.

remote connect raspberry pi
remote connect raspberry pi

Now the latest generation of the Raspberry PI, which is the Raspberry Pi model 3B+ is available at a retail price of $35 which is just a fraction of the cost of a normal PC or laptop. Also, you might feel that since this credit-card size board is cheap, it lacks a powerful feature. You are in for a surprise. Various businesses have clearly seen that these are highly advanced tech that brings in a lot of creativity in the way business functions.

Most importantly, since the Raspberry Pi is of low cost, it helps companies to focus on other methods to maximize their budget. Along with the remote access, the Pi will provide the best and cost-effective means for fulfilling all your office’s IT needs. To know more about the basic suppliers and features of the PI, check out the website –

For example, you can provide your staff with a PC running on the Raspberry PI rather than a desktop computer for working from home and accessing the company’s assets. The best part is that it allows your company to purchase the basic minimum of using an expensive IT tool for their office. Now as most employees are working from home, small businesses and startups gain the opportunity of saving the cost of leasing an office space.

Also, as there are fewer employees at the office, it will be best in renting cheaper and smaller offices or going for co-working space, thereby saving a lot of expenses for the company in terms of its budget. Besides these features, there are other cost savings options available in using the Raspberry Pi like not required to do any kind of staff training. By collaborating with the third-party tools like Raspberry Pi-enabled IT, you can save the traveling and other major expenses of your company.

Not many people are aware that the remote connect Raspberry Pi can be used in the money-saving and creative way in various office environments. Here one of the major ones would be VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system, which can be better than installing the costly telecommunication solutions.

This will help the staff to access the system for making voicemails and calls from any place. You can even use the PI for creating the IT run help desk ticketing system for complementing the IT support for home and office workers. There is another major application of remote access for startups having limited funds, thereby helping them with the ability for sharing resources on a single computer.

Wrapping Up

A good Raspberry Pi run machine can be a great tool for small and startup firms. They can easily assist in creating efficient work or business efficiency and recover from their budget-constraints.

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