Cardan Shaft –What You Need To Know


If you are the owner of a car or a truck, you will know that the cardan shaft or drive shaft is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. This particular part also comes under a lot of stress whenever the vehicle is being driven. That is due to the fluctuation in temperatures and other adjustments the cardandrive shaft has to undergo each time and as long as the vehicle is in motion.

That is because the cardan shaft has to each time transfer rotation to rear axle gearbox from the actual gearbox. Since both are located at different areas, the task becomes more complicated. This transmission cardan shaft made by the cardan shaft manufacturer is placed by the exhaust system and it appears like a lengthy beam from its origin to the rear axle. There are two cross joints that are present on either side.You can check this website to know more about cardan shafts; Make sure to check out the positive reviews of happy customers. This will help you know for sure if you are investing in the right product.

The system made for cars by Chinacardan shaft manufacturer is the same with the hinge connecting the offset steering gear to the steering column.

The cardan shaft has the following components that we should look at:

  1. The central shaft – this is made like a hollow tube of steel. The gap or hollow necessary in order to facilitate its construction. There are both internal as well as external splines and they are necessary to place sliding fork. The hinge fork is properly welded on the pipe other side.
  2. The intermediate shaft – One or more of these intermediate shafts may be used to reduce or eliminate vibrations on the rear -wheel drive. The vibration may happen when the long pipe does its rotation when the vehicle is in high speed. However, when it comes to sports cars, only single – section cardan shafts are installed.

  1. The crosspiece – this is another hinge component that has lugs. Needle bearings are located in these lugs and this part is placed within the fork eyes. It is the job of the crosspiece to transfer rotation and in addition they also facilitate rotation of the two shafts at an inclination angle that does not go beyond 20 degrees and this provides a rotation that is not hindered at all even at varying speeds of the vehicle.
  2. The suspended bearing – this is placed on the additional section in order to enable the stabilization of the intermediate shaft. The number of bearings would be equal to the intermediate sections.

The other parts are hinge fork, sliding fork, and elastic coupling.

When it comes to cardan shaft transmission, the most well known is the asynchronous gear type.

If you want a smooth running or functioning of the cardan drive shaft, it should be checked at regular intervals for the following:

  • Any additional noise during high speeds
  • Knocking when the gear is put
  • Vibration during high speeds