What to expect from the brewhouse system?

The beer brewery is one of the productive, profitable and thriving business option for entrepreneurs and business owners across the board. One of the fundamental requirements for any brewery operation is owning quality brewing equipment that functions at high productivity levels and gives maximum output with high efficiency. As is the case with any other industry you will find a range of manufacturers that produce and sell high quality brewery equipments for the customers. If you are looking to purchase a brewhouse system then you must ensure that you are buying from a reliable name in the market that is known for its high standards of products and top class customer service.

DEGONG Brew systems is one of the largest manufacturers of brewery equipments with an experience of almost an decade in this industry. If you have a commercial microbrewery and are looking to purchase one of the products then the company offers all round support and assistance from consultation to designing, production to implementation of the project.

The DEGONG offers affordable, special and reliable brewhouse system solution for the customers. Some of the top featured brewhouse systems manufactured and sold by the company includes 10 bbl brewhouse for sale, 15 bbl brewhouse for sale, 3 bbl brewhouse, 7 bbl brewhouse for sale, 20 bbl brewhouse, brew house, le brew house, brews house, brew haus, brew hause, brewing house and wort chiller amongst others.

Efficient manufacturing of brewhouse systems

Having a consistent and efficient brewhouse system is essential for any of the brewery that operates its business. Professionals at believe in the right integration of automation for the brewhouse thereby allowing the fusion of science and art of brewing. The company utilizes industrial and state of the art Rockwell automation PLCs and this automation enables the company to offer fully automated and semi automatic brewhouses which provide efficient, repeatable as well as high-yielding brews for the right pricing points.

DEGONG provides brewhouses that range from 3bbl all the way up to the 100bbl. These brewhouses come in 2 vessel systems, 3 vessel systems and the 4 vessel systems. All of the brewhouses are built using high grade, 304 ANSI stainless steel and multiple US components from the leading Chinese suppliers like SPX/Waukesha pumps, SPX heat exchangers, SPX/APV sanitary butterfly valves and Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley automation amongst others.

Some of the top class brewhouse systems and equipments manufactured by DEGONG includes 500L 1000L 2000L Customized Brewery Equipment Used 2/3 Vessel Beer Brewhouse with Steam/electric Heating Method, 500L Beer Brewhouse Free Combination Craft Brewing System for Sale, 5BBL Hand Micro Brewing System Small Home Beer Making Machine Used in Brewpub/hotel, 500L-1000L Restaurant Brewpub Used High Quality Custom Craft Micro Brewery Equipment with PLC Control and 1000L Sanitary Stainless Steel 304 Insulated Double Layer Steam Heated Commercial Brewery Equipment with 3mm Material amongst others. We will have a look at one of these systems in brief.

500L 1000L 2000L Customized Brewery Equipment Used 2/3 Vessel Beer Brewhouse with Steam/electric Heating Method: The brewhouse from DEGONG offers phased scale-up approach for getting the taproom and the process setup for the future distribution. The brewing systems from the company provide superior performance at every stage – from reducing the brew time to increase in wort quality and the hop utilization for cranking out delicious beers.

The thickness of this product is 3mm on the inner side and 2mm on the outside. It has an insulation of 100mm and has electric, steam as well as direct fire heating features.

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