What are distribution transformer and its features?

The output of distribution substation ranges anywhere between 4000 and 36000 volts. For some of the applications these voltage ranges tend to be high and therefore stepping down of levels is essential. The transformer that fulfills this requirement is the distribution transformer. The distribution transformer can be classified under electrical isolation transformer that is responsible for transforming the extended levels of voltage to the minimal levels. This equipment helps in stepping down the levels of voltage to about 240 volts that is needed by small businesses and households. This equipment operates in a straight-forward path for providing isolation between the windings. To deal with voltage levels, the electrical energy is made to pass through these equipments or devices.

So to sum it up some of the important specifications, properties or features of the distribution transformer are as follows. This device is utilized for the low voltage applications that need a minimum of the 33kv and it is implemented as step-down transformer. It is relatively quite minimal in size and design. This device functions at about 60 to 70 percent of the load throughout the day. It requires just 3 to 5 points for the tap charger.

Top quality distribution transformers at Rockwill

It is always important to do your research well before you hire the services and products of any distribution transformer manufacturer. The customer reviews or feedback also give useful insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of any specific product from a recloser manufacturer.

The Rockwill is one of the best oil immersed manufacturer and destinations for electrical, transformers and power solutions of varying requirements of the customers. Some of the featured and highly efficient distribution transformers listed on includes H61 distribution transformer, H59 distribution transformer, 11/0.4kv 50kva oil-immersed distribution transformers, 20kv SCB10 cast resin distribution transformer dry type, distribution transformer with amophous coil low loss and 11KV 3 phase oil immersed distribution transformer amongst others. You can visit here for more information on the different distribution transformers and their specifications. Let us have a look at one of these distribution transformers in more detail.

H59 distribution transformer: The H59 series of the distribution transformers are installed and integrated in MV/LV substations. These distribution transformers are used in various applications such as rural and urban power distribution, utilities, industry, tertiary industry and renewable energy amongst others. Some of the features of this distribution transformer includes 3 HTA insertion sleeves, 4 LV porcelain sleeves, 3 position power switch, 36kv/400A type of fixed parts on 36kv series, 24kv/250A fixed type part on the 24kv series,, 2 fitting rings, fill holes, 2 ground positions, 1 dial thermometer, nameplate warranty, 4 orientable rollers and 1 oil level indicator amongst others.

The optional equipments that you get with this transformer includes angled or straight moving parts, 3 plug-in bushings, 3 porcelain MV crossing, 1 locking system for the plug-in switches and bushings, 4 LV bushing type bar pass, 1 sealable protective cover on the LV bushing, control and protection equipment: multifunction protective relay, thermostat. It has fully-filled and sealed three phase distribution transformer that is immersed in the ONAN natural cooling mineral oil. It has protection for special corrosion of the storage tanks. It has the frequency of 50hz and 60hz.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these distribution transformers or other power solution products then you can get in contact with the Rockwill representatives and communicate your requirements precisely. This will help them to suggest you the best suited product for your specific application operation. The company has impeccable customer support system for help with all the customer queries.

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