Which are the best big bongs for sale?

The big bongs are obviously large in their size dimensions and they are usually available in two varieties: the advanced version where it is equipped with a host of features or the simple and basic version where you have straight tubes. If you want to utilize the additional space then adding various accessories is amazing however each of the intricacy raises the price of bong and makes the task of cleaning that much difficult.

Alternatively if you are looking for the monster hit but are not necessarily looking for the giant rig which if full of ash catchers and the percolators then you must browse some of the simple and basic straight tube bongs. These big bongs allow you to get the massive smoke chamber without dropping the small fortune on the glassware. If you happen to check out some of the high end and advanced big bongs from ShareBongs then you would be tempted to spend some extra money on those.

Benefits of big bongs

There are various benefits that you get with the large bongs. Some of the advantages of these big bongs for sale are as follows. These big bongs allow you to take massive hits which will take the experience of your hits to the next level. You also get high durability with the big bongs as these bongs are made using thicker glass and hence they are likely to last longer. When it comes to the accessories, the big bongs ensure that you get far more bong accessories like the unique bong bowls and ash catchers. Even though the cleaning aspect can be more difficult with the additional accessories, most of the big bongs tend to be easier for cleaning in comparison to the mini bongs. The big bongs also provide more room for the percolation thus providing you with smoother and better hits.

If you are looking for the best glass bongs in the market then you can get it at ShareBongs since the products are handpicked by the experts from the company. The company provides both the affordable dab rigs and the sophisticated best big bongs which might be of interest and fascination to the enthusiasts as well as collectors.

The various big bong products on sale at ShareBongs

You can find an amazing collection of big bong models  and water pipes for sale which are listed at Some of these products features there includes Ice Pinch Double 4-Arms Tree Perc Glass Big Bongs 16.5 Inch Tall Water Pipes Beaker Bong With Diffused Downstem Oil Rigs, Birdcage Perc Dab Rig Big Triple Comb Oil Rigs Straight Tube 12 Inch Height Glass Bongs Water Pipes With 18mm Bowl, Slitted Donut Perc Oil Dab Rigs Double Recycler Water Pipes 7.8 Inch Glass Bong Sidecar Design Unique Bongs and 12 Recycler Tube Pipes Vortex Recycler Glass Bong Super Cyclone Glass Water Oil Dab Rig amongst others.

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