Wire Drawing Dies: Tips to improve service life

Wire Drawing Dies are considered to be a crucial consumable product to draw wires. A good number of people seem to complain on the aspect that carbide wire dies are found to be non-wear-resistant. Thus, it results in different types of problems that arise during the drawing process. The primary problem that should be urgently solved by the metal wire manufacturers is to know how to reduce wire dies consumption cost and to increase its service life.

7 ways to improve carbide drawing die service life

  • Check carefully and thoroughly the wire drawing equipment: This is crucial as before drawing, you need to ascertain that the drawing equipment is completely stable and fully functional. No vibration phenomenon should be experienced. Otherwise it can get damaged easily. Diamond drawing dies are tough and can be expected to have a long functional life.
  • Reasonable grade choice for nano dies: As per mechanical and physical properties associated with draw material and it size, carbide drawing dies are a reasonable grade choice. For instance, with regards to drawing low-carbon steel, it is necessary to select YG8 or YH6. Again, YG6X grade will be more suitable to draw high-carbon steel wire.
  • Appropriate lubricant: The lubricant selected should offer excellent performance like the wire-drawing lubricant powder. Doing so can help optimize drawing dies lifespan. A good lubricant should be used to perform excellent cooling, lubrication job in working area that is when drawing at very high speed and to reduce friction. site can provide better details on the types of dies that are available and commonly used.
  • Proper wire cleaning: Wire surface needs to be cleaned and dried properly before drawing. Otherwise, there are chances of the mould experiencing reduced service life. The wire surface will also witness excessive scratches, thereby affecting the surface finish. Excessive or uneven hardness in wires should be reduced by tempering or annealing. It is to be elongated for maintaining better hardness uniformity. Natural diamond dies offer excellent results.

  • Regular checking of the wire drawing: While carrying out the drawing process, metal particles are found to adhere to the core’s inner hole. In the process, scratches are formed on the metal surface. In such a case, drawing should be stopped immediately. Remove adhered metal particles. Then polish inner hole. A reasonable method will be to carry out regular inspections rather than wait for the metal particles to be visible on the inner hole wall. Using ND dies is quite easy and safe.
  • Reasonable compression ratio choice: Select appropriate compression rate depending on drawn wire performance and size. In case of tiny compression rate, production cost is increased. Again if too high, then mould life is reduce significantly and might also break. Diamond dies are the perfect choice to improve smooth production.
  • Drawing dies maintenance: It is necessary to use anti-rust oil to safeguard unused TC drawing dies temporarily.

You can take the help of the professionals to clear your doubts on ND Wire Drawing Dies or other dies and ease your selection procedure.