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Online forex brokers and dealers do not have to be regulated. It is not regulated like stock and futures trading, which are controlled by an agency or central exchange. You should make sure that your broker is registered with a regulating body like the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), and the NFA, National Futures Association in the United States.

Demo Account

You can open a demo or live account free of cost on many online trading platforms. Demo accounts allow you to trade with virtual money. Demo trades are free and you can make real money.

It is recommended that you try the demo account for at least a few weeks if forex is new to you. The demo account will teach you how to trade and navigate the platform interface.

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After gaining experience with the demo trading account you might feel confident enough to trade your first real trade with the live account. Forex brokers and dealers offer many tools and charting options to assist you in executing your trade. These may seem intimidating at first, but they can be overcome by experience.


Many online forex brokers offer leverage of 100:1 to 200. However, some even provide higher leverage. Be aware that not all services will meet the requirements.

Trades are done in lots. One lot equals 100,000 units of the base currency. Brokers and dealers often allow trading in standard lots, micro-lots, or mini lots. This is a good place to start. Get more info about wikifix review.

Selection of Broker or Dealer

Many traders have had bad experiences dealing with scammers or forex brokers online. It is important to spend time looking for the right one. It is possible to visit a few brokers’ websites and try the interface program. Also, check if the broker is registered with the relevant regulatory body.

Is it possible to reach them by phone? Do they offer real-time consultations? Talking to other people and looking into forums can help you find out more about the performance and activities of these online financial institutions.

Spread, Margin, and Fund Transaction. Withdrawal

There may be a difference in the “ask price”, and “bid price”. Common causes include spreads of 2 pip. Be aware that support and services may not be as satisfactory if the spread is too low.

To open a live forex account, different online forex brokers and dealers will require that you have a minimum deposit. Some accounts allow you to trade with as little as $50

Discuss with them the withdrawal and deposit procedures for fund funds. How long does it take to withdraw the fund? Do you find the process difficult, time-consuming, or simple?

Frequent “requotes”, and line “breakdowns”

It is possible to experience frustrating requotes of the ask and bid prices. It is not uncommon to experience disturbing situations, especially during volatile times. These situations are common and should be avoided.

Dealing Desk

Many forex dealers or brokers online manage the transactions of their clients and trade through an internal dealing desk. This means that all transactions must go through them and the quotes may not be live. This situation could be exploited by unscrupulous dealers or brokers to manipulate the trading system. This transaction system is not beneficial to you. Find an online forex broker that doesn’t deal through a trading desk. Read more:

Your online forex dealer or broker should be your one-stop resource and solution center for all forex traders. Despite all this, you remain responsible for any trades or decisions you make.

It can be difficult to find a reliable online forex broker. This site is a great place to start your search for an exciting and reliable online forex broker. If you register, you will get many helpful resources and benefits. Enjoy trading!