The Main Features of Pine Pollen Powder

Each spring, pine pollen powder is mainly harvested. Pine trees make a magical adaptable powder every April from the male panicles that are found on each branch. This yellow powder is called pine pollen and is extremely beneficial for human nutritional supplements. Pine pollen powder is a long-standing medicine and food that has been used in Asia, particularly South Korea, Japan, and China. Pine pollen is considered an adaptogenic herb. This refers to herbs that can meet the needs of the human body and alleviate the symptoms of various parts of the body. Pine pollen powder is an adaptogenic herb that can be used on the body. It has no side effects and lasts for a long time. Pollen powder has many benefits. These features include:

All Natural, No Contamination

Pinus massoniana is a native tree that grows in mountainous areas between 1100 and 1500m above sea level. Pine pollen comes from the pollen of Pinus Massoniana. Pine pollen can be harvested manually, as opposed to bee pollen. These factors give it the characteristics of a single source, pure quality and stable composition.

More than 200 types of nutrition substances

The tree’s reproductive source is pine pollen powder, which is known as the spermatid. The Microelements Research Institute of Beijing 301 Hospital and the Technical University of Munich (the most renowned trace element research center of Europe) conducted a scientific analysis of the nutrient composition of pine pollen. They discovered that the pollen has all the nutrients the body needs to live long. These nutrients include proteins, amino acids minerals, acids and plums, nucleic acids, flavonoids, and monosaccharides as well as polysaccharides. There are more than 200 types of them, and their collocation is very reasonable. This can provide nutrition that is comprehensively balanced and supplemented by the body. Pine pollen has been regarded as one of the best-collocated and natural nutrition products and health care products.

Absorption rates above 99%

The pine tree is the longest-lived tree in the world. Its pollen is rich in genetic information and nutrients, which are all active. The cell wall cracking speed of pine pollen can be increased to 99.6% by using Low-Temperature Aflow Cracking Technology. Pine pollen’s active nutrients can be completely released and the pollen particles are only 5 micrometers (mm), which is smaller than 7 micrometers (mm) in human cells. This allows pine pollen to easily be absorbed by the human cells once it has entered the digestive system. It also helps to transport the nutrition to other areas of the body quickly. Check here:


Pine pollen contains more than 200 types of beneficial nutrition. The balance is different from synthetic products. Most of these nutrients are essential for metabolism, but humans can’t make them and must obtain them from outside sources. Meanwhile, pine pollen is safe for different ages. It could therefore be used as a long-term natural supplement to nutrition without limitation.