Hot Melt Adhesive and What Industries Use Them

The widespread use of hot melt adhesives in industrial manufacturing is for everyday household, personal, or medical products. There are many options for bonding different materials. Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturer, however, offer a better solution due to their versatility, versatility and weight reduction.

Nearly 80 percent of the global adhesive demand comes from the packaging, construction and nonwoven industries. Hot melt adhesives in construction are used for making and installing laminated wood panels. The adhesives are used in manufacturing office supplies, hobby and model materials, and stationery. These adhesives can be found in packaging products such as cartons, boxes and corrugated boards. Adhesives can be used in tape manufacturing for applications such as packaging, medical, industrial, and masking.

The US packaging industry accounts for around 80% in adhesive demand. The largest adhesive-consuming product in the sector is corrugated packaging boxes.

Solvent-based adhesives have been subject to safety and environment concerns. Solvents such toluene (methyl ethylketone), and trichloroethane (trichloroethane) are volatile organic compound (VOCs). These VOCs are subject to regulation and classification as Hazardous Air Pollutants under the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. They have been suspected of causing cancer and birth defects as well as other complications to the nervous system. This has led to manufacturers developing products with low HAPs, or zero HAPs.

Hot melts are frequently used in disposable products, like diapers. They are used in glueing different parts of the diaper, including the pad and elastics. They are made of a mixture oil, resins and other tackifiers. The adhesive is applied as molten and it cools to provide the required bonding force for the materials. There are two types of adhesives that can be used for diapers: a construction adhesive or an elastomeric one. The elastomeric adhesive is used to attach the elastics to the diaper’s waist and legs. This elastomeric glue is often more expensive than other construction adhesives because it has higher bonding strength and elasticity. A “pad integrity adhesive” is a third type of adhesive that manufacturers may use when the diaper pad needs to be very thin. This strengthens the diaper core if it gets wet.

There are thousands of hot melting boxes and cases lining the aisles at your local grocery store. Every box that has a flap connected to another flap like a cereal container, is made from hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesives are used in female hygiene products, like pads and tampons. Hot melt glue is used to seal packaged muffins, candies or other snacks.

As you can see, hot melting technology is used in many industries with many applications. It is a technology that isn’t commonly talked about but is present in many of our everyday products. Get more info about Reactive Type of Hot Melt Adhesive, Visit here:

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