What You Need to Know About Breastplate Care

This blog is where you can ask us questions and we will help you care for your breastplate. We’ll go over the basics of care and what to watch out for to keep your breastplate in top condition.

Keep the bag that we sent you in its entirety. This will protect your breastplate from possibly absorbing colors while in transit, etc.

Your plate could be damaged if your breastplate is kept in a hot spot like your trunk during the summer. Your plate can also be damaged if it is kept in a cold location, such as your trunk, in winter. Your Silicone Breast Plates should be kept at a normal temperature of 68-74 degrees.

Even when the breastplate is on, your Silicone Breast Plates can absorb fabrics colors. This can be greatly reduced if you wash your garments before they are worn. You may be able to machine wash your garments, but you might want to try other cleaning methods such as dry cleaning or hand washing. This will remove any loose fabrics that may rub off your breastplate or absorb onto it.

WASHING your breastplate: If you have used makeup on them, we recommend that you wash them after every use. If you have used silicone-based makeup, it is especially important to wash your breastplate after each use. This can cause the breastplate to become brittle. You can clean your breastplate with a rag and some rubbing alcohol. Warm water and soap can be used to clean your breastplate if it starts to smell like sweat. Use soap and water to gently wash your back.

Sometimes, your breastplate can develop a hairline crack (the silicone or backing) around the neck strap. This can be repaired (free of charge if you are within your 1-year warranty) at minimal cost, depending on how long your breastplate has been in use. You should not wait to get this checked out as it could cause damage to your breastplate. You will lose your warranty if this happens.

If your nipples rub off, you can request a redecoration. This is an easy task and will cost you little to nothing, depending on whether you still have your warranty. To get assistance, please click on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the website.

If your Velcro becomes loose, it can be fixed for a minimal cost. This depends on whether your warranty is still valid. Contact us by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of our website. We will assist you with the repair.

If you’re looking to buy, make sure you check out this page! “How to Pick My Plate?”


This will make it easier for you to clean your plate, and prevent sweat from getting on your breastplate. Even if your sweater doesn’t weigh much, this is a good idea.

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