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Selecting The Right Type of Bamboo Tea Tray

If you are purchasing a Chinese tea set, it’s a good idea to purchase a wooden tray as well. These trays are not only beautiful and a great place to display your Chinese teaware but also serve a practical purpose when it comes time to brew and serve Chinese teas. Each tea mug should have a drainage system to allow any tea or water that has been sipped or boiled to drain away quickly.

There are many styles and types of wooden tea trays. You can also buy plastic tea trays at a lower price that serve the exact same purpose. Plastic trays are not as elegant or authentic looking as wooden tea trays. It is recommended that you get a wood tray if possible.

The drainage system is a key aspect to consider when choosing a tea tray. The drainage system is crucial if the tray is made from someone who doesn’t understand Chinese tea culture. They may make a tea tray that looks ‘fancy’ and not one that works.

If you don’t plan on using your tea set for its intended purpose, it may not matter. However, if the goal is to learn how to serve tea, you will need a working tray. Some tea trays have a deeper base. The water runs through drainage holes in the bottom tray. After you’ve finished your tea, the tray must be manually emptied. Some trays are equipped with grooves or slats that can be cut into the tray. Water is channeled underneath to a plastic tubing. The tubing is filled with water, which then flows into a small container that is neatly hidden under the table. Read more:

A tray should be large enough to hold your teapot, tea accessories, and teacups. You need to leave enough space for you to assemble your cups and pour your tea. There are many sizes of tray so that you can find the right one for you, no matter how many Chinese cups you have.

These are the most important considerations when choosing Chinese tea trays. It is safe to assume that it has been made from authentic wood. These items are affordable and can be purchased online, even if they don’t come with your Chinese tea set.

Gongfu tea bamboo tray with tea serving tray for tea is available at a competitive price

The essential component of the gongfu tea ceremony is the tea tray or tea tray. This tray is designed to store all components of the gongfu tea set tray. It makes it simple to make gongfu-tea on your desk or table with the gongfu tray tea serving tray. There are many styles and sizes to choose from when it comes to gongfu tea trays or Japanese tea trays.

Bamboo trays are very popular due to their lightweight, but strong construction. There are many gongfu tea tray options available. We can help you choose the right one for you. Bamboo tea trays can be used for gongfu tea brewing, or any other type tea service. We offer a variety of bamboo tea trays in both round and square options to match your individual taste.