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The last year was all about changing. It was about changing the ways we work, how we entertain and even purchase shoes. The shift in the workplace to work-from-home environments, outdoor settings to living spaces and private gatherings online have fundamentally changed the way we view fashion. For a tiny example: currently some of the coveted Yeezys that are listed on StockX market isn’t a pair of sneakers in any way. It’s a slide from Yeezy.

In spite of the fact which Yeezy was the most popular resale brand by selling its shoes, Yeezy Slides are a noticeable shift. They’re different from everything we’ve experienced from the brand and their history is both new and untested. The Yeezy Slides are so brand new that details and experiences aren’t available to most buyers who are considering purchasing one. To help you make the right decision we’ve compiled our findings and information to create an in-depth buyer’s guide to help make your purchase a bit more manageable. Here’s everything you should be aware of regarding Fake Adidas Yeezy Slipper.


Yeezy Slides has opened this world Yeezy to a wider audience that goes beyond sneakers. All of this wouldn’t be possible without their predecessors, Yeezy Slippers.

In the year 2018 Yeezy expanded into recreational footwear by launching the first collection that included Yeezy Slippers. Perhaps you’ve seen these slippers back in the day when Kanye became famous because of a pair that were just a few sizes small or the pair that was 50 sizes too large. These Yeezy Slippers look more like slides than the standard Mule Slipper that people wear to get rid of the garbage. However, the slippers widened the comfort options offered by Yeezy. They were released in a variety of fabrics that range from nylon to wool to neoprene, and each having a unique velcro enclosure as well as a thick sole. The initial pairs made of Yeezy Slippers were only sold at stores that carried the entire range of Yeezy clothing . They went out of stock as soon as they were released on the shelves. Based on the speed at which the slippers went on sale at retail prices and the resale price we can safely conclude that the stock of Yeezy Slippers were extremely very limited. A typical pair of Yeezy Slippers resells at a 100 percent price increase and is quite remarkable for a shoe that retails for nearly two dollars.

The following-market success in the after-market of Yeezy Slippers proved that demand for Yeezy shoes surpassed the sneaker market. In the next year, the brand was able to meet the demand and launched their Yeezy Slide. Yeezy Slide.


The initial run of Yeezy Slides debuted in three colorways: Resin, Bone along with Desert Sand. Each pair comes with a thick EVA foam structure to offer light-weight durability as well as a comfortable footbed to provide additional comfort. Contrary to Yeezy Slippers, the Slides removed the velcro strap in preference for a more minimalist design, opting instead for a minimalist upper. The next batch of Yeezy Slide colors won’t be released until the fall of 2020, when Earth Brown, Soot, and Core colors have been added to the line-up.

How Much Do Yeezy Slides Cost?

If you’re able to buy the Yeezy Slippers for prices that are comparable to the price of retail, they’ll cost about $55. A pair of Yeezy Slides for this cheap of a cost isn’t usual since they usually sell out within minutes of their are released. Style and comfort aren’t sole factors behind the huge demand for Yeezy Slides. Price appreciation and the chance to make money from the resale market are also driving the sale of a pair. In the end, the price for an item like Slides will vary significantly over time.

The graph above illustrates an average price per week for the week on StockX for the initial three Yeezy Slide colorways: Bone Resin, Bone as well as Desert Sand. After they launched in December the year 2019, the prices of Yeezy Slides stayed relatively low. The timeframe was when the three colorways had average prices for resales of about $80 or 46% less than the retail. After the initial four months, Yeezy Slides soared in price and haven’t looked back. In Q4 of the year 2020 the initial three Yeezy Slides colorways averaged resale prices that exceeded $250, which is 360 percent price difference. The Slides currently have some of the most expensive price points in the Yeezy range – much higher than the majority of adidas Yeezy 350s. Get more info about Fake Shoes For Sale, Visit here:

If you’re planning on buying Yeezy Slides before they reach high prices, our research indicates that the initial 4 months after the release is an optimal time to buy. Then, it’s possible that the supply available will decrease, resulting in the price to rise dramatically like we witnessed when the original colorways were released.

The Yeezy slide is a great combination of comfort, flexibility and flexibility. If you buy them at the appropriate time, they can be an affordable way to get into a costly Yeezy catalog. Be sure to not wait too long to get your hands on. In selling Yeezy slides people who make the right choices are rewarding.