Maintenance Methods of Sanitary Pads Machine

The purpose of maintaining the machines for making sanitary pads is to maintain the machines that makes sanitary pads is maintained by employing general methods like cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments in order to maintain the effectiveness and health of the machine used to make pads for sanitary use.

– Use proper sanitary pads

Maintenance technicians, operators (inspection) as well as repair specialists must utilize and maintain the equipment for sanitary pads correctly and with a master’s mind and keep it running by focusing on the right things and a systematic approach. It is essential to follow the idea of giving equal weight to overhaul and maintenance , as well as focusing on expanding and maintaining. Use the strict post responsibility system and follow up with the mechanical packaging method to ensure that your sanitary pads machine device which is in use is working properly.

– Be sure to make sure you operate the machine in a safe manner

The machine used to clean sanitary pads , which is utilized by workers who use on the job training and learning technology, they will acquire four knowledge and three skills (understand how the machine works, efficiency and purpose of the usage maintenance and troubleshooting) and also have three rights. They also are able to block others from using their machines in a private manner or without permission. In the event that the device is occupied over its capacity, without taking preventive measures, or with the approval of the host and guest departments They have the power to stop the usage. If the device is discovered not to be in compliance and the issue is not rectified within the time frame specified or the security device does not conform to the regulations, the problem must be promptly identified. If the issue isn’t immediately addressed and the correct steps were not taken the device may be removed from the device.

– Know the operating procedures of the machine to make Sanitary pads

(1) Make use of a machine to make the production of sanitary pads. Be sure to follow the operating instructions and be sure to set up properly before starting the machine. Check often when the machine is in the process of starting. Ensure that you are able to manage the shutdown process , and make any necessary adjustments during operation, and make sure to utilize operational indicators. Pressure, over speed and and overloading aren’t allowed.

(2) Find out the dangers, judgment, and emergency treatment techniques of the machine for sanitary pads and make sure that the safety devices are remain in good condition and are easy to use.

(3) Make sure you be aware of and comply with the patrol inspection procedure. Use the five character operation method (listen clean rub, listen and wipe, then take a wipe, contrast and wipe) along with three items of value (board hand RAG, stethoscope and board hand). Make sure to inspect the machinery frequently according to the plan of inspection for patrols . determine any issues, then repair the problem immediately and eliminate any hidden dangers. Clean, lubricate, repair and adjust the machine to prevent the corrosion of the machine protection pads (i.e. cross-operation technique). Check that all tools, accessories and parts are remain intact.

(4) Be sure to ensure that you fill in the operation record, as well as the defect diary and the operational diary of the machine to cleanse the pads for sanitary use.

(5) This machine that makes pads that are sanitary is built to run continuously, replace it frequently and collaborate with the maintenance team to carry out maintenance tasks, to keep it in good condition and make sure it’s in good condition to running at any moment and turning the standby machine regularly as well as perform a great job in the fields of anti-freezing and anti-condensation.

(6) Make sure to keep the sanitary pads are in good working order and that the surrounding areas are as clean and clean as you can, and also ensure that the ditch is been cleared and that the shaft is exposed to sunlight, and it is open to the natural light and that the glass in the doors and windows are in good condition.

– Cleanse the machine’s sanitary pads

Use the strict lubrication management system for petrochemical sanitary pads machines and ensure that you follow the five stages of fixed as well as three levels filtering (five fix points, fixed date as well as fixed point and fixed amount in addition to fixed amount and fixed person three levels of filtration that include barrels for storage of crude oil to post storage barrels, as well as from the storage barrel to the oil container and then the oil container to the fueling point). The lubricating elements as well as the oil tank need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Maintenance staff must conduct regular inspections of the equipment that is carried out on time. resolve any issues found promptly and work with the operators to do an outstanding job in safety production. Home:

All maintenance work such as cleaning the machines for sanitary pads should be clearly separated into tasks and completed quickly to finish the task in the fields of anti-freeze and anti-condensation, the cold and thermal insulation plugging and anti-corrosion tasks.