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Best 5 concrete lifting anchors manufacturers

As essential parts of the thread system, the lifting anchors give the concrete anchoring base the back anchoring that’s required to counteract the transient stresses that arise during lifting and moving. For each application unique anchor variations available in a variety of sizes. The anchors stay in place and are dispersed throughout the precast concrete element in accordance with the documentation. This allows for safe lifting when used in conjunction with the matching lifting keys.

Working of concrete lifting anchors

Compared to other materials, working with concrete is more challenging because it is a unique material.

Fastening to concrete calls for more dexterity and specific anchors than bolting two pieces of metal together or driving a screw into wood.

There are three steps in this process:

  • Make a hole in the concrete surface with a drill.
  • Put an anchor in that hole.
  • Fasteners should be inserted into anchors.

The magic happens in the last step. The anchor expands to grasp the sides of the hole when the fastener is inserted into it.

Strength of precast concrete lifting anchors

Concrete lifting anchors have a great deal of weight support when installed properly. Things hanging from walls that weigh more than 200 pounds can be supported by heavy-duty anchors, like those used in commercial construction.

Nonetheless, a number of variables can affect a fastener’s strength:

  • The age, thickness, and compression strength of concrete
  • Weight of load
  • Size of the hole
  • Length of fastener

If you are mounting to a wall, ceiling, or floor, the strength of the fastener also changes. Since suspended objects have nothing supporting them from below, they need stronger anchors.

Different types of concrete lifting anchors

There are various types of concrete lifting anchors for different types of works here are some most commonly used concrete lifting anchors.

  • Dog bone lifting anchors
  • Lifting clutch for concrete
  • Lifting eye anchor
  • Spherical double-headed lifting anchors
  • Dog bone lifting eye anchors

Here are the Best 5 concrete lifting anchor manufacturers from where you can select concrete anchors of your choice.

1, HULK Metal





HULK METAL empowers each customer to effortlessly acquire their desired Precast Concrete Accessories. The company is committed to providing comprehensive services, and simplifying the purchasing process for every customer. HULK METAL guarantees that customers enhance their brand image and value by obtaining solid, reliable, and secure metal products. With a commitment to continuously establishing new standards in Precast Concrete Accessories and services, HULK METAL strives to imbue every customer with a sense of security throughout their purchasing and sales journey.

2, FMP Construction




Whether you’re in the early stages of conceptualizing a project or already have fully approved drawings, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction at every phase of the process, from the initial idea to the moment we hand over the completed building to you. We prioritize your contentment and work diligently to make sure your vision is realized, providing support from conception to the successful completion of your project.

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3, Great Magtech (Xiamen) Electric Co





Building a lasting relationship is founded on trust, appreciation, and a commitment to providing the absolute best quality possible. This shared ethos is why both we and our customers have cultivated enduring, long-term partnerships. The underlying purpose driving our company is to assure your customers of your sustained success. Excellence is not merely a skill; it’s an attitude combined with appreciation, inspiring us to execute ordinary tasks extraordinarily well. Guided by the principles of “Honor and Integrity,” “Pride and Responsibility,” we encapsulate these values in everything we do. We promise to uphold trust and integrity for the future—our future, the future of our children, and subsequent generations. The bedrock of this commitment lies in integrity, quality, pride, and excellence, ensuring a legacy of unwavering dedication to our principles.

20T Lifting Anchor

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4, Pfeifer




Pfeifer has embarked on a journey with the ambitious goal of becoming not only the preferred choice for customers and the standard for competitors but also the unequivocal market leader in the construction, logistics, and architecture industries. Our extensive product range spans from wire ropes for construction machinery and elevators, slings and lifting equipment, to transport and composite systems for precast concrete construction. Additionally, we excel in the project business, offering innovative solutions for building envelopes, roof structures, and facade constructions. Backed by centuries of experience, Pfeifer is committed to providing market-leading solutions that inspire, move, and connect people globally. Growth is our constant guide as we strive to set benchmarks and shape industries with our innovative and reliable offerings. Pfeifer aims to be at the forefront of progress, leaving a lasting impact on construction, logistics, and architecture worldwide.

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5, MGF Trench Construction Ltd





MGF is a privately owned company with a primary focus on delivering a comprehensive temporary works solutions service using entirely in-house resources. Acknowledged as market leaders, MGF specializes in the design, manufacture, and provision of modular and bespoke excavation support systems. The company is dedicated to offering customers complete engineered solutions and advocating for current best practices in all forms of excavation works. MGF’s commitment lies in providing reliable and efficient temporary works solutions, making them a trusted partner in the industry.

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