The E225 motor was developed to serve as part of a permanent-magnet motor system for air-handling applications, where system efficiency is a high priority. When coupled with its 3-phase H-bridge inverter, this motor offers a highly efficient motor/inverter combination with the high peak torque capability required for the most demanding high-transient applications, including fuel-cell air compressors.


In addition to the E225, a number of other coil configurations for this frame size are under development that exhibit a wide variety of desired motor characteristics. The resulting family of 225 mm motor designs, currently being developed with government and commercial partners, will offer a broad range of possible system configurations for speed and position servo applications requiring both high efficiency and high torque.

The specifications provided here illustrate some of the E225’s extraordinary capabilities. For example, the E225 achieves a very high peak-to-continuous torque ratio and a high peak efficiency. Low-speed, high-torque versions of this motor are currently under development to serve as direct-drive position servomotors in robotics applications.

Contact a Lynx applications engineer to determine if there is a 225 mm SEMA design that can meet your needs.

Key Specifications

Diameter: 225 mm (8.86 in.)
Axial Length: 77.5 mm (3.05 in.)
Rated Speed: 6,000 rpm
Rated Torque: 9.9 N·m (7.3 lbf·ft)
Rated Power: 6.2 kW (8.3 hp)
Peak Torque: 97.4 N·m (71.8 lbf·ft)
Efficiency: > 95%

For more detailed specifications and further information, please see the  E225 brochure.