The E813 motor is part of a permanent magnet motor system designed for power generation applications where high system efficiency is important. Developed for a customer for use in high-efficiency distributed-power systems, the E813 was designed to give the competitive edge necessary in this relatively new and highly competitive field.


In addition to the E813, a number of other coil configurations have been studied in the same frame size – including multi-slice versions and high peak-torque versions – for a variety of industrial and military applications. The family of E813 motor designs currently under development with government and commercial partners will offer a broad range of possible system configurations for both high-efficiency and high-torque speed-servo applications.

The specifications provided here illustrate some of the E813’s capabilities. Especially noteworthy is its high efficiency over a very large operating range. Low-speed, high-torque versions of this motor are currently under development for direct-drive position-servos for naval applications.

Contact a Lynx applications engineer to determine if there is an 813 mm SEMA design that can meet your needs.

Key Specifications

Diameter: 813 mm (32 in.)
Axial Length: 163 mm (6.41 in.)
Rated Speed: 2,750 rpm
Rated Torque: 450 N·m (332 lbf·ft)
Rated Power: 130 kW (174 hp)
Peak Torque: 900 N·m (664 lbf·ft)
Efficiency: > 98%

For more detailed specifications and further information, please see the  E813 brochure.