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Importance of UPS batteries and its several features

UPS batteries offer back up power to your home or commercial establishment, when there is a power outage. A battery is significant for nearly all kinds of electronic gadgets like CD players, walkman and calculators. It is vital during surgical treatments in hospitals as well. UPS battery offers a continuous power supply to various appliances. Most of the offices and homes utilize these batteries to make sure there is power supply during a power outage.


There are various UPS battery device types available. These devices are majorly used in office and commercial centers to warrant constant power to systems. There are two major functions of UPS batteries.

UPS battery
UPS battery

Power source

One of the most important functions of UPS batteries is to offer a backup power source. Upon switching off the normal electric or power supply, the batteries will utilize the power that is stored to back up several devices. These batteries charge again when the power supply is back. Some batteries are huge in size and need more time to charge. With today’s technological advancements, different features have been added to the devices, which have made it possible for the batteries to take less time to recharge.

Power regulator

Another significant function of a UPS battery is its role as a power regulator. Power surges and power spikes are a common occurrence, these days. It might cause permanent damage to your electrical devices and appliances. Lightning is a major cause of a power spike. The batteries help regulate additional power and restrict the voltage amount to be provided to your computers and various other electronic appliances.

Various brands

UPS batteries come in various forms and from various brands. There are quite a huge number of stores that sell these batteries. The majority of online suppliers and dealers of UPS batteries sell them for an affordable price.

Some of the batteries are utilized for household purposes whereas some other varieties are used for commercial and industrial purposes. Tubular batteries are the most typical battery varieties used. They come in various sizes and are mainly used for home purposes.

It is essential to pick the appropriate device and battery type for your need to ensure constant power supply. You can read various consumer reviews on the internet to gather more information about these batteries and the best online stores such as to buy them.

Service of UPS batteries

The majority of the online dealers offer a guarantee with their products. But, with time and usage, the batteries might lose their capacity. The batteries should be replaced when they stop functioning. It is also essential to get the services of experts to repair or replace them.

UPS battery set sizing

While battery manufacturers offer discharge tables and curves to support selection, professional UPS manufacturers use specially made battery sizing software made to suit the characteristics of their products. The battery packs are uniform, based on specific ranges and types of battery and the own battery stands or cabinets of the manufacturer.

The incessant power supply and its battery set arrangement in a solution should be close to matching the estimated load. For instance, for 20 kW load, the closest matching uninterrupted power supply is a 24kW/30kVA system. For a 30 minute runtime, the closest battery choice would be a 38Ah battery set combination that would offer 33 minutes/20kW or 25 minutes/24kW.

UPS battery
UPS battery

Various factors should be considered while sizing a UPS battery set to get uninterrupted power supply. Specifically, the history of the site power is significant in deciding the frequency, depth, and possibility of mains power breakdowns. The critical loads’ size should be determined if a standby generator is present on site. The runtime necessary to cover orderly power shutdown or load shedding, the available rack and floor space and the type of environment [dry, cold or hot and humid] should be considered as well. Cost implications should be taken into account, specifically in a tight economic situation. The comparative cost of setting up several battery strings and an individual fuel cell or generator to accomplish specific runtime duration should be determined.

It is feasible to guesstimate battery set sizing, which is helpful for budgetary reasons in a power protection task’s specification stage, but since it is essential to the resilience and performance of the UPS system, on the whole, the design stage of the battery set sizing must be performed by industry experts to obtain precise and dependable ratings.

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