industrial robotic arm

Industrial Robotic Arm: An innovative & revolutionizing technology

Factories for years were run manually by humans who used their arms to produce different types of items. However, with increasing competition and the advent of modern, sophisticated technology has helped evolved industrial robotic arm. Such arms are said to be working much more accurately and also quite faster when compared with human arms. Also they do not have any costly errors or mistakes, things which are quite common with humans.

industrial robotic arm
industrial robotic arm

About cheap cnc industrial robotic arm

One common tool that is gaining popularity in today’s manufacturing world is robotic arm and there is no denying this fact. This metal arm is created from 4 to 6 joints. They are generally used for performing different types of manufacturing applications. It includes material removal, material handling and welding.

The industrial robot arm can be termed to be a real engineering marvel, since it reacts quite similarly to human arms. Also, the robot arm resembles very closely to that of the human arm. It has a shoulder, elbow, forearm and a wrist. The 6 axis robot can be stated to have about 6 degrees of freedom. This in turn allows the robot to move in 6 different ways, which is not possible by the human arm, having only 7 degrees of freedom. Besides this, robot arms tend to move very fast. Hence, without taking adequate safety measures, performing the task using the robot arms can be really dangerous. Such sophisticated tools tend to have some kind of sensors or safety package available. This is to ensure worker safety while operating them.

Moreover, the robot arm helps to improves and quickens the manufacturing process, as well as enhances greater precision and accuracy. They also help to reduce significantly labor costs and worker error. But to derive the benefits, it is essential to choose only a reputed robotic arm company like to avail top quality equipment.


The robot arm is created from cast iron or steel and is built from base up, while ending in wrist and the end where the effectors are required to carry out the chosen task of the arm. The work of the robotic controller is to rotate motors attached to every joint. Few larger arms are used for lifting up heavy payloads operated by pneumatic and hydraulic means.

The job of the arm is to move end effector from one place to the other, which is to pick up, put down, weld entire or part of the work piece or take off. They can also be programmed to carry out different types of jobs or any specific given task, which again depends upon manufacturer’s needs and specifications.
The robotic arms are mostly used to palletize heavy loads, life heavy and huge items as well as to weld together entire vehicles. At the same time, they also found valuable to perform small things. It offers such precision that even the tiniest of microchip or motherboard can be done easily, correctly and quickly.
According to the industry experts, this metal marvel is likely to continue its good work in the manufacturing industries in the near future.

industrial robotic arm
industrial robotic arm

Its uses in automated industry

Robotic arm finds great use in multiple industrial applications ranging from material handling, welding, thermal spraying to drilling and painting. This advanced technology does offer human-like dexterity in diverse environments. It might include repairing & welding pipelines under the ocean, nuclear power station servicing, utility power lines remote servicing or cleaning hazardous wastes includes radioactive substances.

One example of the usage of automated robotic arms is at auto manufacturing industries. This particular sector have witnessed major boom with the introduction of robots. Majority of the industrial robots can be noticed working quite efficiently when compared to human beings. This is because, there is not reported any absenteeism, distractions and also the work done is accurate, precise and fast. They have successfully reduced worker related expenses, injuries, along with repetitive stress injuries including mishaps that are quite common in such industries. Besides this, the robots also offer much more consistent products, which are quite cost effective and highly efficient. Presently, robot assisted auto manufacturing does allow vehicles to be created with great precision. The robot arms are programmed to drill always at the same place with precision. They tighten the bolts with great force, irrespective of the number of hours they work. Finally, robots do help to save on labor cost. No strikes, sick days, work slowdowns or perhaps other problems are found, something common with humans. Robots being just another technological and technical device have been created to work round the clock and require the least of human supervision. A classic example of robots being designed, developed and implemented to carry out repetitive, crucial and great precision related work is the automobile manufacturing industry. Slowly, but steadily robotic engineering is becoming a part & parcel of majority of the industries across the globe.

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