Lynx in the News

The following is a list of articles and news stories featuring Lynx or its sister company, Kinetic Art & Technology.

Robot Subs Go to War
The US Navy’s Seahorse autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is mentioned briefly in this article about military AUVs. The Seahorse, which is a 28-foot long battery-powered robotic submarine, uses a Lynx motor for propulsion. The photo gallery accompanying the online version of the article includes several pictures of the Seahorse in action.
Popular Science Magazine
April 2003
SEMA Technology Promises to Boost Performance of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
“Under the Automotive Electric Motor Drive Program, an industry team comprised of Lynx Motion Technology, Delco Remy International, Visual Computing Systems, Inc. and Electricore is developing segmented electro-magnetic array (SEMA) technology.”
DOE Office of Transportation Technologies
April 4, 2001
Alternator Advancements Accelerated
“Delco Remy has inked a link with Lynx for its advances in brushless electric motor technology.”
The Auto Channel
January 26, 2001
Delco Remy Obtains Lynx License for Patented SEMA Electric Motor Technology
“Delco Remy International, Inc., has reached a licensing agreement with Lynx Motion Technology of New Albany, IN, for its patented SEMA (Segmented Electromagnetic Array) electric motor technology.”
Delco Remy International
January 24, 2001
Congress Focuses on PNGV Hybrid Electrics
“First reported in EVWorld in May, 1999, the Lynx Motion Lorentz-force axial flow motor will soon see its first ‘real world’ test in the University of Tennessee’s FutureTruck where it is being mated to a small, 3 cylinder diesel engine.”
EV World
April 6, 2000
Lynx Awarded DOE Funding for Revolutionary Electric Car Motor
“A local technology firm, Lynx Motion Technologies, of New Albany, Indiana, was one of two firms to receive major funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop new electric drive motors for the automotive industry.”
McConnell Technology & Training Center
September 16, 1999
The Remarkable Lynx Motion Electric Motor
“What’s the secret of the Lynx motor? It’s the way Kessinger and his handful of Lynx engineers have found a way to concentrate the number of motor windings while eliminating many of the parts found in a conventional electric motor, which itself means lower production costs.”
EV World
May 28, 1999
Motoring On
“In 1990, the engineers at Visual Computing Systems Corp. were working to build a more efficient robotic actuator, a gear-driven motor that powers robotic equipment. What they came up with was something far more dramatic – a gearless industrial motor that was quieter, stronger, lighter and more efficient than anything now on the market.”
Business First
February 5, 1999
Navy Moves forward with Lynx Motor
“Recently, Lynx Motion Technology Corporation, a small business partner of the Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) in Louisville, Kentucky, has developed a totally new type of electric motor which is so precise and so powerful (10 times the torque-to-weight ratio of convential electric motors) that it could revolutionize the way Navy ship systems operate. Furthermore, the basic simplicity of the motor design promises greatly reduced maintenance costs.”
April 1, 1998